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Why I Became a Designer

Why I Became a Designer

While I briefly touched on the subject on my “About” page, I suppose if you’re really curious to know more you have somehow navigated to this blog post.

The Devil Is In The Details

For a very, very long time, I thought that my calling in life was to become a forensic scientist or geneticist. When I woke up one day and headed to one of my favorite Biology college classes, it hit me: I needed to switch majors and go make clothing and accessories. It still makes me chuckle that I ended up in the creative field, especially considering I was doodling clothing designs and logos all over the margins of my Biology notes.

Looking back, the signs were all there, even with my overwhelming interest in science. At age 4, I was taking scraps of fabric to sew together Barbie caboodlesclothing very crudely by hand. Later on that year, my mother helped me put together my first sewing kit out of one of those mini plastic cosmetic cases known as “Caboodles”. It looked identical to the one on the right (I don’t own that image, by the way.)

Fast forward a decade, and I was introduced to the hobby “cosplay” through the hilarious HTML 4.0 websites dedicated to video game news. I remember being mesmerized by the beautiful costumes made by these dedicated fans. It was inevitable, but I eventually picked up the hobby myself. I made a slew of costumes that continuously challenged me and my abilities. At this point, I had made several attempts to make real apparel, however it was nothing beyond a skirt or blouse.

Finally, my senior high school prom came around. I decided that I was going to make my very first REAL garment. I began sketching various designs and ended up with a design that had a corsefirst-dress-madet top, long flowing skirt, accompanied with a scandalous side slit. This is the actual sketch I made years ago, along with the final results. I had no idea what I was doing, and if you look at it in person, you’ll see all of the terrible mistakes I made on the unforgiving polyester SATIN fabric.

This was a pivotal moment in my life, and completing this garment set off a chain reaction that eventually led me to change majors a few years later.

Why I Dedicate My Life To CREATING

The most gratifying moment in my life is when I complete a project and see the product being used. Whether it’s a personal sewing project, or a mass produced bag; to witness one of your creations being utilized for its purpose intended is the greatest joy I’ve yet to discover. I become giddy whenever I am given a project overview, a design challenge to meet a designated target market, at a certain budget, with a particular kind of visual aesthetic; and then having the privilege to draw, source materials, troubleshoot any potential problems, and then manufacturing the item is a process that just never gets old. My heart skips a beat whenever I visit a factory that is producing the item I have developed.

In my free time, I still like to keep up with science journals and watch documentaries (especially those about astrophysics and evolution, those are my favorite.) I may, or may not, be capable of being bribed with planetarium/museum tickets.

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